'Boys' talk' is ugly, hurtful

By Diane Grudt

Dear Editor:

"Boys' talk" and "locker room talk" are repellent to many if not most women and at least some men. The nastier and more vulgar it gets, the more reprehensible it is. Of course, it's not new. As high school students in the early '60s, my friends and I were painfully more than aware of how some boys talked. And believe me, it wasn't flattering, attractive or respectful. It was ugly and hurtful then and it's ugly and hurtful now.

My point today is that Donald Trump is not a boy. He's a 70-year-old "man" aspiring to what is perhaps the most prestigious job in the world. He is rich, powerful, elitist, "entitled" (because, of course, he's a "star"), vain, rude and crude.

Maybe a first step in "making American great again" should be to get our minds, hearts and words out of the gutter of vulgarity and hate.

Diane Grudt