'Gutter' language is not necessary

By Gary Herby

Dear Editor:

In response to Carson Roirthmayr's letter last week. First, I too feel President Trump should be able to curb his tongue. There is no room for gutter language in politics. This man is not the run-of-the-mill politician but a civilian. Were he given more cooperation just from his party, his demeanor may improve. This man has bettered our tax base and I have no doubt we can be much better off if we stop looking for negative details to come down on him for. I hesitate to think of just how they really are when cameras (or when they think) are off.

If we hold President Trump for his language, we need to look everywhere, like movies. Do you watch movies with foul language? If so, there is a saying about "taking the log out of your eye" before you criticize anyone else.

Gary Herby