'H' is a proud, beautiful symbol

By Helen West

Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for your Back Page story, "An emblem of school pride," about the "H" on the hill southeast of Hotchkiss.

In a time of worry and discontent about our country's future, both here and nationally, we have needed to see or hear about something positive.

To see the "H" so proud and beautiful when you come into Hotchkiss should make anyone feel good. And the people who worked so hard on it should feel proud.

Hotchkiss has always been a close town, a friendly town, and a town that always "comes together" when it needs to. This has truly been a work to a love. To the individuals who made it happen, from the five generations of my family who have gone to school in Hotchkiss starting in 1918 and still continuing, and everyone else here in Hotchkiss, we say, "Thank you!"

Helen West