4-H'ers thankful for support

By Hank Lohmeyer

4-H'ers thankful for support | Commissioners, Clubs, 4-H

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer The Delta County 4-H Council visited the commissioners on Monday. Back row from left are Trey Hunt, treasurer; Charlie Perkins, secretary; Drew Harris, reporter; Grady Simpson, president; and Jackie Shea, Tri-River extension agent.

The Board of County Commissioners on Monday received a courtesy visit from members of the Delta County 4-H Council.

The occasion takes place annually during National 4-H Week and provides an opportunity for the county 4-H council members, their volunteer parent advisors, and the CSU Tri-River extension agent for youth, Jackie Shea, to thank the county for its support of 4-H programs.

County council members who attended and met with commissioners on Monday were president Grady Simpson, vice president Ellison Black, secretary Charlie Perkins, treasurer Trey Hunt, reporter Drew Harris, and historian Kaylee Simpson.

Shea reported that about 290 Delta County youth participated in 4-H programs this year. Assisting in the program were about 100 parent advisor volunteers.

Youth participation in county 4-H programs has remained constant in recent years, a testament to the strength and popularity of the programs here.

Delta County 4-H is a program that educates and involves youth in the life of their communities in various ways. Shea pointed out that one of the benefits of 4-H is that it attracts and encourages the types of young people who also become involved in other community activities including school sports, extracurricular activities and church.

Shea reported that a survey of the 4-H'ers' projects and of the detailed record books they keep detailing business transactions, shows that the county 4-H programs taken as a whole have a near $1 million economic impact on the local economy. That figure includes proceeds from the annual Junior Livestock Sale.