AC Foundation continues the Delta Doves mission

By Press Release

The Delta Doves Organization for Breast Cancer has turned over its mission of providing breast imaging examination to the AC Foundation, its director, Cody Carlson, and founding member, Annie Carlson.

Delta Doves has been in existence for more than 18 years. Generous donors provided funds for women in Delta County who could not afford mammograms. AC Foundation will continue this service and provide two additional services for women in need.

The first additional service is arm sleeves for women who have had breast cancer surgery. Many women suffer from lymphedema after surgery and the sleeves provide support and help control swelling to the arm.

The second service is funding for fuel to transport women to their radiation treatment appointments.

Delta Doves has also chosen to provide a one-time donation to HopeWest to care for women with breast cancer.

The Delta Doves' original mission to provide mammograms to the women of Delta County will not change. What has changed is more women have health insurance that will cover the cost of mammograms.

To donate to the AC Foundation, call Annie Carlson at 874-9615.