Added taxes, marijuana won't solve OC woes

By Mary Ditlove

Dear Editor:

At the Feb. 14 Orchard City town meeting I said, "The solution to our problems is simpler than raising taxes. Citizen participation in the committees headed by our trustees is. I'm certain that solutions will come if our talented citizens are allowed to participate in these meetings. Again, the solution is neither additional taxes nor a marijuana enterprise. I encourage you to start calendaring meetings of the financial, water and road committees so that we, the people, can begin to take care of our town's needs in a fiscally responsible, compassionate and ethical manner. Lastly, this room is just about empty because our townspeople don't feel they should come. They tell me that they aren't being heard. They are simply ignored. They have expertise, knowledge, experience and talent. Our townspeople are our "mother lode" and the solution to our financial challenges."

Mary Ditlove