An act of patriotism

By Gary Herby

Dear Editor:

Recently, I sent in a letter entitled "The American dream has come to an end." I regret to say that this letter, so true in every way, was taken from another article thereby not being of my own creation. I apologize and I also apologize that I felt so compelled to send in a letter of that nature. It resonated so with me, I sent it in. That our nation, the greatest one in the world is threatened by those who want us to live under their domination, is to me a travesty. To see our freedom stripped from us and no one really opposing the forces that be. The talk show hosts and handful of politicians aren't enough.

No, we are at a crossroads in America and it's time we let those fat cats in D.C. know that their loafing days are over. We put in Republicans and they're the majority but you wouldn't know it. We need to clean house TOTALLY and start over. To repeat, I am truly sorry for my impulsive act of plagiarism. I acted out of patriotism. I thank all you who called to compliment me. As a man of God, I have to set the record straight. Thank you DCI and God bless America.

Gary Herby