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Dear Editor:

1. Rick Spalenka's Feb. 22 letter, "Taking the women's marchers to task," was great! Thanks for making lots of excellent points and bringing common sense into the arena.

2. I enjoy Bill Snyer's letters debunking human-caused climate change. Is climate changing? Yes -- constantly. Over the eons we've had glaciers alternating with weather warm enough for dinosaurs, variations that occurred before humans existed. In 1960 we were going to freeze to death; in 1980 we were going to burn up. Climate models cannot account for nature's compensating effects, and man's effects are inconsequential compared to volcanos, sun flares, and forest fires (which environmentalists favor over logging even though they release tons of carbon into the air.)

3. We hear many complaints about agricultural burning, but these same people are silent about massive forest fires which spew smoke and ash across many states. Forest fires can easily be reduced in size and number just by logging to reduce fuels (and that's only one benefit), but I don't hear anti-burners clamoring for more logging.

5. People are whining about Trump's proposed budget cuts, but most of today's government programs should never have been started. Now people are used to having excessive government jobs and/or "free" things, so it's hard to wean them away. But it's the right thing to do. A nation of independent citizens who can provide for their own needs is stronger than a nation of government dependents who would starve if funding collapsed -- and we have far too many of those dependents, made so because Congress used our taxes to buy votes. A handout here, a handout there, and soon, to paraphrase, we're talking billions of dollars.

The programs keep growing, and the bigger the government gets, the bigger the corruption gets, because there's too much government to oversee. There are too many pay-to-play schemes and too many ways to influence government officials. How about handing out big bucks to officials once they leave public service (like Hillary's $500,000 for a 20-minute speech)? Far too many government officials greatly increase their --and their friends' -- wealth while in and out of office. It's time that changed. We desperately need to downsize government.

6. Now Hillary says that she lost the election because of 'misogyny'. Will she ever accept responsibility for losing?

7. Hurray to Trump for eliminating unnecessarily punitive coal regulations!

Angie Many

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