Angus breeder noted for cow productivity

By Press Release

Cotten Angus of Hotchkiss recently re-enrolled in the American Angus AssociationĀ®'s MaternalPlusĀ® program as a commitment to making genetic improvements in lifetime cow herd productivity. Breeders participating in MaternalPlus are keenly focused to better evaluate herd reproductive performance, the number one profit driver in the cow-calf industry.

MaternalPlus is a voluntary, inventory-based reporting system that collects additional reproductive trait data to provide Angus breeders and their customers the information they need to make effective selection decisions. To date, more than 70 breeders have completed MaternalPlus enrollment.

In addition, MaternalPlus lays the groundwork for selection tools related to cow longevity in the herd. For more information on MaternalPlus, visit the Association website at