Are Delta residents paying attention?

By Jo-an Barnett

Dear Editor:

We have two wonderful recreational water projects in Delta but now we have another? How much will this cost?

Although keeping finances down is a goal at the city's recent visioning process, we are embarking on an multi-million dollar project on the river for the environment, not economic development. Possibly the urban renewal mechanism is for the environment, but isn't it really for economic development? Will there be a lawsuit? There often is.

Will a hotel really help the economy? Purportedly the tax increment will fund the river project. Will it?

I see the new business at the lake, for paddle boarders, failed. Will a bunch of surfer types really help our economy?

Doubt anyone has figured in the economic impact. Come on, folks!

City leaders, what are you thinking? Citizens, are you paying any attention or just "cruising down the river?"

Jo-an Barnett