Arm yourself with knowledge and vote

By Susan Wilmot

Dear Editor:

Whether we Americans want to admit it or not, there's irrefutable evidence that the Russians interfered with our democratic election process. And just as a reminder, mid-term elections will take place in November of this year. What makes you think this won't happen still again and again.

We're not the only democratic country whose election process the Russians have messed with. We're just the only country that has not acknowledged that Russia has mastered and utilizes a sophisticated array of tactics including hacking of emails and mobile phones, disseminating fake news and slanderous propaganda to undermine the political process here and in other democratic countries.

Why is it to Russia's advantage to inoculate our media with fake and dividing misinformation? After all President Trump has inferred respect for Vladimir Putin. You explain to me why the president believes Mr. Putin who repeatedly denies proven interferences into our elections.

Russia's aim is to win at all costs. The boycott of Russian athletes to the Olympic games this year substantiates this. It's government approved protocol that Russian athletes have been doping for years and have gotten away with cheating all clean athletes of the world through enormously sophisticated and deceiving masking tactics. This year as due punishment Russia is banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics. Russian athletes who prove to be clean are allowed to compete as a neutral competitor. Putin denies these proven charges and claims that it is American propaganda that is behind Russian athletes prohibition to the upcoming games.

If this isn't chilling enough know that in Russia individuals who have challenged Putin politically have been assassinated, found dead by mysterious means, poisoned, and jailed indefinitely.

When Putin's Russia is able to breed discordance and animosity within the politics and discourse of its western rivals, it lessens our power and bolsters its own abilities to dominate in the high stakes "game" of world domination and control and ownership of the world's resources.

Awareness of these tactics is our best defense. Question the information you receive through news sources and social media. Check your facts with other news sources to verify that what you are being led to believe is true. Otherwise we fall prey to very sinister forces.

We are blessed beyond measure to have in place our constitution and our free democratic elections. We present to the world the elevated peaceful exchange of power through the will of the people by our elections.

Guard this sacred right. Arm yourself with knowledge, vote and encourage others to do so.

Susan Wilmot