Around DHS Jan. 31, 2018

By Haylee Curry

Delta High School,

In the midst of a tragedy it is utterly amazing how the walls of division, once separating the beloved Delta High, break down, bringing the students and faculty together in an undeniable bond of unity. The past couple of weeks have been, without a doubt, a trial as the people of the school grieve the loss of a beloved junior boy. In a time of complete despair, the school as a whole manages to lock arms and be there for one another through difficulties and sadness left in their wake. Once just passing faces in a hallway, now all members of a family, we unite. The school counselors, Mrs. Crowder, Mrs. Magtutu, and Mrs. Schneider, made tremendous efforts to battle the sorrow within us all with their adjusted scheduling and availability to all who are in need of their time. Not only did they open their doors to all, but they thoroughly sought out the students affected, leaving no stone unturned.

To another extent, trained grief counselors went classroom to classroom assuring everyone of their worth and their place in the school. Without a doubt times like this are a challenge for all as we continue striving to make our way back to a daily routine, still in remembrance of a beloved student, friend and son. Delta High School, in refusal to stoop to a puddle of frozen dejection, stands tall and united in honor of the fallen student. May we all never forget and may we all stay strong.