Be careful what you ask for

By Clarice Navarro

Dear Editor:

Colorado voters need to be really careful what they ask for. This initiative just rings of "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is." A raise in wages sounds great, and it would be if that were the only thing to happen; however, there is a web of impact that voters should be very conscientious of, and there are primarily four aspects of the increase weighing on my mind. I'm fearful that if passed, it will result in an overall loss of jobs in Colorado, it will negatively impact Colorado's low-skilled workers, it won't reduce poverty (as being stated by proponents), and finally it may result in higher prices for consumers. I'd urge Colorado voters to really think long and hard...while it may sound great on paper, just like everything else, there are going to be far reaching impacts that won't be positive.

Clarice Navarro
Colorado State