BLM urged to cancel leases

By Donald Hepnar

Dear Editor:

The BLM's issuance of 65 Thompson Divide leases was a gross violation of the BLM's mandated responsibility to protect the land and only allow development in appropriate places. And that really is a crime because it favors corporate interests over the community's future and well-being. If not reversed, the BLM's actions will plunder irreplaceable lands and negatively impact the communities in the North Fork and surrounding area by destroying the bright sustainable economical future we have worked so hard to develop. And why? The leases are not part of a comprehensive or strategic energy plan for the U.S. Their sole purpose is to make the energy industry richer.

I urge the BLM to adopt Alternative 5 of its draft EIS and cancel all 65 leases and restore the land by repairing all the illegal damage they have done.

Donald Hepnar