Bull Mountain approval is long overdue

By Mike Roberts

Dear Editor:

You know something has the marking of elitist environmentalists when an oil and gas development plan in a remote area of Delta County takes a decade to get approved. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of tax dollars that have been lost with this drawn-out and ambiguous process. I'm thankful the Trump administration has risen above these types to get much needed development and economic stimulus back to our area. Their fortitude essentially cleared the way for the BLM to give their blessing.

Despite what some people might say, it's very good news that the BLM has FINALLY approved the Bull Mountain Master Development Plan. It's about nine years overdue, but nonetheless, it's approved and hopefully will not hit any more roadblocks. Radical environmentalists with only one goal -- to ban fracking (even though there's absolutely no teeth to their argument as to why we would ban something that's so beneficial) spent countless hours and dollars battling against prosperity. This type of development isn't new, it's been around for decades in our area. This one project is projected to bring $100 million in employee income and 470 jobs to the North Fork Valley. I can't see one negative impact of that!

The so-called Citizens for a Healthy Community (I'd argue that most of these so-called "citizens" are transplants to our area and are being handsomely paid by national environmental organizations) need to stop protesting and allow this project to proceed as approved. They've stopped prosperity long enough.

Mike Roberts