Cameras could keep an eye out for trail vandals

By Hank Lohmeyer

Cameras could keep an eye out for trail vandals | Cedaredge

Cameras like this one along Cedaredge's Main Street are already in use to monitor locations such as the skate park or the Civic Center for vandals and other problems. The town is considering cameras to monitor StoryWalk pedestals along the Surface Creek T

The installation of ten, steel "StoryWalk" pedestals along the natural setting of Cedaredge's Surface Creek Trail has attracted an act of vandalism.

As a result, the addition of camera surveillance to the section walking path between Independence and Deer Trail Avenues was discussed at the town board's April 20 meeting.

Cedaredge Library Manager Cara Morton told the town board that in the planning stages "StoryWalk" organizers had considered vandalism to the pedestals would be a threat.

While final action had not been determined as of last week, placement of motion activated big game cameras along the creekside trail segment was being considered as a solution, officials said. Clearing brush from the trail's west side to better allow visual monitoring of the trail from homes located there was also mentioned.

A 24/7 monitoring regimen for the town's premier nature trail would add to ongoing surveillance activities at other locations in town including the Community (Civic) Center, the Skate Park and along Main Street.