Candidates in agreement on some issues at forum

By Hank Lohmeyer

Candidates for Delta County commissioner attending the open forum in Hotchkiss last week found themselves in broad agreement on several issues raised by the audience.

For example, responding to a question on concealed carry and the Second Amendment, all the candidates said they would oppose any attempts to curtail Second Amendment rights.

Three of the candidates (Bentley, Roeber, Suppes) added that they support repealing the license requirement for obtaining a concealed carry permit because the practice infringes on Second Amendment rights. Hovde, who was the first respondent to that question, did not address that aspect of the issue.

The candidates expressed general agreement on the following issues: The job of commissioner is full time; they are opposed to imposing county building codes; the county has many opportunities for developing and marketing tourism; government should not try to sidestep TABOR restrictions, or use government fees as a way to get around those restrictions; improvement of local cell phone service is an issue for the private cell phone carriers; they support the DMEA position on developing more local renewable energy power generation for this area; improving school district infrastructure is an issue for the school board to deal with.

Candidates also responded to very general questions: describe their idea of a commissioner's job description; give examples of ways they have "thought outside the box" to solve problems; how they think they exhibit the traits of speaking for, or listening to, constituent on issues; specific personal traits they believe suit them for serving as commissioner; community service activities they have engaged in; and, why they want to be county commissioner.