Cedaredge adopts higher ticket fines

By Press Release

The Town of Cedaredge has recently imposed ticket fines for various code infractions covering animals, weeds and junk. In some cases the fines for offenses have doubled. All mandate a municipal court appearance for a third offense.

Following is a sampling of fines that the town has adopted.

Infractions involving $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense, and mandatory municipal court appearance for the third offense include dog license required, rabies vaccination required, dog running at large, confinement of female dogs in heat, barking dog nuisance, too many dogs or cats in the household, waste removal and sanitation,

Animal offenses with $100 for a first and $200 second offense including harboring vicious dogs.

First and second offense charges are $200 and $400 respectively for abandonment of dogs; and poisoning, shooting, mistreating, neglecting or otherwise destroying dogs.

Other code violations that will bring $50 first offense ticket and a $200 second offense ticket are littering, storage of litter, keeping junk, weeds and brush, and nuisances.