Cedaredge works on water storage

By Hank Lohmeyer

Cedaredge public works department crews have been laboring to repair some of the town's Grand Mesa Reservoirs that have sustained various kinds of damage over years, making them unsuitable for holding water.

According to town officials speaking at a recent budget workshop, the Governor's office is compiling a list of abandoned reservoirs. The list is to be completed in 2020. Reservoirs not in operation by then may be declared "abandoned" and have their water rights and storage rights put in jeopardy of being lost. The list is part of a general program of tightening up on water resources statewide.

Recent rehabilitation work at Slide Rock reservoir was presented to the Cedaredge trustees recently. Rehab work there will help the town retain rights to storage of about 30 acre feet of water.

Other reservoirs on the town's work list include Calumet, Zig Zag and Last Chance reservoirs.

In a separate item of town business, trustees have learned that town hall will be needing a phone system upgrade, and that the phone systems in the police department "is way outdated."

Also, town hall staff is using "different operative platforms" and versions of the Windows operating system, and that is causing problems that need to be addressed.