Christian youth group offers outdoor focus

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Christian youth group offers outdoor focus | Church, Youth, Cedaredge

Photo submitted The Cedaredge Trail Life USA Troop tales a fun and educational outing into some local redrock country. The Christian youth group is open to boys and young men ages five to 17.

A Christian-based group for boys and young men that combines values guidance with outdoor activity is being sponsored by Cedaredge's Grand Mesa Southern Baptist Church.

The program, which accepts boys and young men ages five to 17, is affiliated with Trail Life USA. The sponsors, leaders and parents want the community to know that new recruits in the Cedaredge and Surface Creek area are welcome to participate.

Program leaders explain that Trail Life USA is a Christian program based on the scout model. Trail Life is a national organization founded in June 2013 in Louisville, Ky., and which is now headquartered in Belton, S.C.

The first meeting of local Troop 4316 was held last September. There is currently a small group from kindergarten to seventh grade and leaders are hoping to expand the troop into the upper age groups.

Annual fees are $26, but the group's goal is to offset costs to participants as much as possible through fundraising activities.

Trail Life is a faith-based organization and all members must ascribe and adhere to the Trail Life USA Statement of Faith and Values; however, membership in the Grand Mesa Southern Baptist Church is not required in order to join and participate.

Trail Life USA welcomes youth of any faith -- or no faith at all. It is the goal to teach service to God and country, to respect authority, to be good stewards of creation, and to lead good Christian lives treating others as they would have others treat them.

The group's leaders also strive to provide as much outdoor activity as possible including hiking, biking, camping, snow shoeing and field trips to various local areas of interest in order to expand the members' knowledge and creativity.

Trail Life USA is a volunteer organization and parents are encouraged to participate with their boys and young men as much as possible.

Troop 4316 meets each Tuesday evening at the Grand Mesa Southern Baptist Church in the first floor cafeteria area. Grand Mesa Southern Baptist Church is located at Hwy. 65 and Jay Avenue at the south end of Cedaredge.

If anyone is interested in the local Trail Life USA Troop for his family or would like to join the troop, please contact either Richard Weldon at 970-835-3329 or Walt Fick at 970-812-6897.

Leaders ask that those interested in attending a meeting please call ahead in the event that there might be a cancellation for any reason.