Christmas came early for unwanted pups

By Mary Martindale

Dear Editor:

Christmas came a little early this year for the CAWS Animal Shelter. It started out not so merry. Fourteen puppies, very young puppies, were found in a box in an alley in Delta. Yes, it is cold; yes, there are several animal shelters in Delta County, but I guess that was too hard to place them at the doorstep of one of them. Lucky for the pups someone found them and took them to the CAWS shelter. I can't for the life of me understand how someone could be so cruel. Guess Scrooge does exist and maybe someday will gain some sense. We don't judge, we just hope.

These poor pups were starving and cold. Their inn happened to be CAWS. They were quarantined, kept warm and assessed to be six weeks. I was told they might be from different litters, but what does it matter. They were together and needed help.

Foster homes were alerted. Help was needed once they were ready. Many great people jumped to the cause. With a warm bed, feeding that accommodated their size and health, and lots of TLC, these 14 pups will be great dogs despite their circumstances.

Christmas did come early for all the pups, thanks to the good person who brought them in and all the fostering Santas! Thank you all who helped!

Mary Martindale
CAWS supporter
for 15 years Crawford