Citizens have a choice of schools

By Loraine Randlett

Dear Editor:

As Colorado citizens we have the choice between public, private, and home education. Jan. 25-29 is National School Choice Week. I would like to discuss the choice my family made called Classical Conversations (CC).

CC trains children classically, an ideal way to accommodate their natural learning style. Thomas Jefferson, C.S. Lewis, and Newton, were a few classical graduates. This style of teaching can be difficult, so CC provides a community that trains and equips parents to be awe-inspiring educators! Our community provides encouragement, fellowship and accountability to parents and students. Over the last three years we have mastered 72 history sentences to add depth to a 161-event timeline. We can locate and draw 360 locations on our world map. I'm also proud of what we have accomplished in math, Latin, science and English. For more information go to

During National School Choice week consider the quintessential education, classical education with CC.

Loraine Randlett