Clean energy is good for western Colorado

By Pete Kolbenschlag

Dear Editor:

Our governor, John Hickenlooper, is showing strong leadership in sticking to the goals set forth in the Clean Power Plan.

Although the Supreme Court issued a stay while it considers a lawsuit seeking to block this landmark effort addressing carbon pollution, the Clean Power Plan is only temporarily on hold. Besides the solutions it encourages are good for Colorado, and for western Colorado in particular, regardless of what the court might ultimately rule.

We have an abundance of alternative energy solutions right here that can be powering our homes, farms, businesses and prosperity. Using our local power sources where we can only make sense from an economic and energy security perspective. From community and micro-hydropower installations on ditches and canals, to rapidly expanding projects tapping the ample supply of sunshine that graces our region, western Colorado is well supplied with alternative energy options. Paired with the hardworking and innovative people of the region, and we are well positioned when it comes to driving America's emerging energy economy.

The Clean Power Plan provides incentive and encouragement to facilitate that switch to cleaner energy sources, but it is not the cause of that transformation. The change is already happening. And that is why Governor Hickenlooper is to be commended. He sees that Colorado needs to prepare for what is coming, for our future. Putting more locally produced clean energy in the mix that is powering Colorado is good all around. America will continue to be powered by a variety of sources, even as the world transitions toward cleaner energy. The more we encourage locally produced and supplied, cleaner energy development for our region the better Colorado, and our communities, will thrive in this time of change.

Pete Kolbenschlag