Climate change: There is hope

By Wayne Quade

Dear Editor:

There is hope. That is the message being brought forth as we go forth in preparation for the upcoming Paris climate talks in December. There is a powerful global movement for change in our approach to global climate issues. Awareness of the environmental, social, and economic advantages of our transition to renewable or sustainable energy resources is becoming recognized on a global scale. There are worldwide examples of new technologies, social acceptance, and collaborative efforts. Clean energy is on the march, a low-carbon economy is becoming a reality on the ground, and many voices are now calling for action from their leaders. There is hope in all these things, including the rapidly falling cost of renewable energy, the important global voices (like the Pope speaking of our moral imperative), greatly expanded investment opportunities, and the transition away from political polarization.

With unanimity among scientists, economic interests perking up, and across-the-isle politicians waking up, we do have hope for a healthy and sustainable planet for the children of the future. Now the task is for everyone to get familiar with the need to reduce our carbon footprint, call for action from our leaders, and encourage significant leadership from our representatives at the U.N. climate talks in Paris in early December.

Wayne Quade