Climate 'deniers' counter science untruths

By William H. Snyer

Dear Editor:

This is a response to Thomas Wills and his incorrect remarks regarding both Mike Mason and his views on climate and climate scientists. Mike Mason offered good advice -- check the facts. If you wish to say yes, we have seen about a one- to two-degree increase in temperature over the last 200-plus years and call that global warming, that is okay. Just do not call it warming due to humans' use of fossil fuels, i.e. anthropogenic warming.

What concerns me most is that so much of our population is still deceived by the flood of climate misinformation, deception and outright lies about climate science. Mr. Wills is one among many that seem to believe the IPCC is a scientific body. They are indeed nothing of the sort. They are a politically driven organization with very few true scientists. In fact, many of the real scientists involved with IPCC have removed themselves from such association. Then there is the infamous EPA, a rogue organization at best. Decades ago EPA did a lot to help solve pollution problems but their actions have changed dramatically. One of the scientists that helped found the EPA has recently published a booklet entitled "Replacing the Environmental Protection Agency" (Jay Lehr, Ph.D.).

Contrary to Mr. Wills' statements, there are literally tens of thousands of scientists that disagree with all this global warming hysteria. For example over 31,000 scientists signed the Oregon Petition against the Kyoto Protocol including over 9,000 Ph.Ds. I also signed this in 1998 and I can attest to the rigorous methods to ensure that only qualified scientists and engineers were included in this petition.

It is a sad time for one to be too outspoken about such views. There are a number of qualified scientists that have been fired from their professions in government, educational and private businesses for taking stands against this global warming hype. What a travesty!

The following is a direct quote authored by Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. "It is widely misrepresented in the public domain that Earth's current levels of atmospheric CO2 are dangerously and atypically high. Such claims are false, because modern CO2 levels lie near to an all-time low as assessed against the geological record." His book "Climate: the Counter Consensus" explains this issue in much detail.

CO2 is an excellent online source of information developed by Dr. Craig D. Idso's Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. Increased levels of CO2 have increased plant growth all over the world. It appears that plants grow larger, are more productive and require less water with increased concentrations of atmospheric CO2.

Climate "deniers" is a slam expression against many fine scientists around the world who are searching for the truth -- not false pseudo-science.

William H. Snyer