Clinton is experienced, responsible

By Bobby Riggs

Dear Editor:

If it really didn't make any difference which of the big party candidates for president wins, I would agree with people who want to choose idealism over realism and vote third party or not at all. But to allow Mr. Trump to wield the power of the presidency is unthinkably dangerous.

The main reasons that I hear for people supporting Mr. Trump are that they want change in Washington and that he is for law and order. We all want change in Washington, but the change he would bring would be for the worse, not for the better. He keeps saying the words, "law and order," but then he brags that he has bought politicians and that he is "more than happy to dodge taxes." He would do away with pesky things like religious freedom and the Geneva Convention.

The main complaint that I hear about Ms. Clinton is that she's not trustworthy, but this seems to be based on accusations that are repeated till they seem true. Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact checking project, says that Ms. Clinton is more honest than most of the politicians they have tracked over the years. Mr. Trump was the least honest candidate they have ever analyzed.

Of all the dangers a Trump presidency poses. the greatest is international affairs. "Why can't we use nuclear weapons?" he has asked. Ms. Clinton has years of experience as First Lady, senator, and secretary of state. She has been a champion of women's rights her entire career. You may disagree with some of her policies, but she will be a responsible leader, worthy of respect. I urge everyone to use their vote to elect Ms. Clinton our next president.

Bobby Riggs