CMS students 'shelter in place'

By Staff Report

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Cedaredge Middle School was put into a "shelter in place" status. That afternoon at around 2 p.m. the Cedaredge Police Department posted the following statement on its Facebook page; the same statement was re-posted on the CMS Facebook page:

"Earlier today the middle school was put in a shelter in place due to activity outside of the school. At no time were any students or staff at risk from the incident. The shelter in place restricted any students from leaving the building and allowed for the school to be secured from anything outside. The incident causing this has been resolved and the school is back to normal operations. Chief Sanders was actually on campus conducting presentations to students during the shelter in place adding to students' safety. Questions or concerns please contact Chief Sanders at the police department."

Chief Sanders did not respond to DCI requests for additional information, but Cedaredge Middle School Delaine Hudson said, "On Thursday we had a concern about the location of a couple of students and wanted to be sure all students on campus were safe. We did for a short time go into a shelter in place, which was to lock the doors and continue school as normal inside the building. Once the situation was resolved we lifted the shelter."