ColoradoCare raises a lot of questions

By Judith Ann Schaaf

Dear Editor:

With reference to Mr. Erik Nesse's letter to the editor published in the Wednesday, Aug. 24 Delta County Independent. We don't know if Mr. Nesse lives in our rural area or another rural area of Colorado, we don't know if he represents the insurance industry, sits on the board of a hospital or has a title that would distinguish him as a doctor or attorney because his letter came via email with nothing other than his name as an author. We do know that he is a proponent of ColoradoCare Initiative #69 which will be on the ballot for this November's election.

ColoradoCare is a single payer government sponsored health insurance program. It's not clear to me how it will be funded. Do you pay a monthly premium based on your income? What if you have no income? Will everyone be required to enroll? If that is the case, what type of health care could you expect with such an increase in the number of covered individuals? Initiative #69 certainly requires that we research and study carefully the pros and cons of the issue and the impact this type of coverage will have on our health care providers and our own health care.

We do know that it is a government sponsored program as is the program administered by the Veterans Administration for our veterans. How is that working out for them?

Judith Ann Schaaf

(Editor's note: In his email, Erik Nesse describes himself as a Colorado native, doctoral student at the University of Colorado, and former health policy researcher.)