Commissioners handle routine business items

By Hank Lohmeyer

The Board of County Commissioners dealt with routine business at a recent meeting:

• Constituent Tony Sarver of Austin said he made agreement with the county nine and a half years ago for two fire hydrants in subdivisions on Ash Mesa. He said he paid the county $1,500 each with the stipulation that if the hydrants weren't installed within five years he would get his money back with interest. The hydrants have never been installed, he said. He gave commissioners copies of the agreements.

Caught unaware of the issue, commissioners said that staff would look into the matter.

• Commissioners agreed to a contract for a certified property tax protest hearing officer. He will come from Kansas and be paid $1,000 per day, plus a per diem if hearings last more than one day. County clerk Teri Stephenson noted that though the cost is high (the same hearing officer was paid $900 per day by the county last year), hearing officers certified to work in Colorado are difficult to find.

• Commissioners were notified that the federal government is requiring that a review under the National Historic Preservation Act be completed on the Duke Ditch piping project. Duke Ditch comes out of Leroux Creek. The review is not supposed to delay the piping project, explained Commissioner Mark Roeber. Duke Ditch dates to 1892 and falls under purview of the act.

• A work contract was approved for independent weed contractor Lisa Taylor. The contract stipulates $85 per hour for spraying and $50 per hour for adminstrative work. She worked for the county last year also.