Commissioners seek clarity on access plan

By Hank Lohmeyer

The Board of County Commissioners reviewed some details of the new access control plan for Highway 50 north and Highway 92 as it heads east from downtown Delta.

Commissioners were concerned with criteria that are used to determine when traffic studies will be required, or when access to the highway is changed or denied for businesses along the corridors that have been in existence prior to the plan's adoption.

Those with current access to the highway corridors have been grandfathered in even if they do not have an access permit from CDOT, the BoCC was told. Significant change in the amount of traffic being generated by an access (i.e. a 20 percent increase) will trigger the need for a permit.

Most of the businesses on the two corridors were in place prior to 1986 when access permits were first required by CDOT, contractor representatives said.

Representatives of the traffic engineering consultant doing the study and from CDOT said they have held numerous discussions and meetings with affected property owners. Open house forums have also been held. Mailings, newspaper notices and individual correspondences have been conducted.

In other business at recent meetings, the county commissioners have dealt with the following matters:

• Commissioners signed off on a final piece of legal paperwork involving the Rule 106 appeal case and the county's approval of West Slope Layers and Rocky Mountain Layers. Commissioners approved the official lifting of the cease and desist order they had been instructed by the district court to impose in 2013.

• The commissioners endorsed a document verifying that the county's hiring practices are based on factors including the applicant's knowledge, skill and ability.