Commit for your children

By Angie Many

Dear Editor:

I read with interest a letter (DCI, 1/20/16) stating that schools should not expect single moms to have time to help their children with homework. I agree that it must be very difficult for single parents to do it all. However, I believe helping with homework is "together time" and is much more important than watching a movie.

It is unfortunate that so many of our children today come from single-parent homes. This causes problems not only in our schools but also in our society, where too many children are growing up without the role model of one parent and with participation by the other parent limited by time and money.

Although in some instances a one-parent family is unavoidable (death of a parent), too many times children are in single-parent homes for preventable reasons. With all the forms of birth control available today, almost all pregnancies can be prevented if people -- male and female -- would just use caution.

If women waited to become pregnant until they have a lifelong commitment, there would be fewer one-parent families. And I mean a real commitment, such as: "If we disagree, how will we work it out so that we stay together?" and "If I'm in an accident and paralyzed, is this man still going to be there for me?" If there's any doubt, don't have his baby.

Most young people don't realize that the intense thrill of a new relationship will eventually cool down. At that point, too many people separate without realizing that there are ways to keep the spark alive, but it requires effort. And there is a stronger love that can develop with that effort.

Our government has unfortunately made it financially possible for women to have babies without having committed partners. A man and a woman in a committed relationship offer a child the best chance of a good life. Please try to give that to your children.

Angie Many