County review for poultry plant delayed a month

By Hank Lohmeyer

The Delta County Planning Commission review of a specific development application for Farm Fresh Chickens LLC has been delayed until the commission's June meeting.

The hearing was originally scheduled for May 25, but was pulled from the meeting agenda at the last minute. The application is seeking approval for a "small poultry processing plant to serve local producers of chickens and turkeys." The operation is proposed for 3085 Last Chance Road.

The applicants are Farm Fresh Chicken, LLC and Paul Le Blanc. Farm Fresh Chicken gives an address of Broomfield; Le Blanc's residence is given as Saudi Arabia in application documents.

The application states, "Local producers report that they would increase production if the processing plant was available. It's almost as easy to raise 25,000 chickens as it is 200."

The plant would have a planned capacity of 500 birds per day. Offal and other unused portions of the animals will not be kept or disposed of on site, according to the operations plan. The plans are to build a steel structure "not larger than 50 feet by 100 feet" to serve as the plant.