County shows flexibility

By Ralph D'Alessandro

Dear Editor:

I want to commend the Board of County Commissioners for its flexibility and willingness to follow the recommendations of multiple voices, including the area and county planning commission members and DCED, in updating the county's land use regulations. The BoCC at its regular Monday work session approved seeking bids for a planner to revise the Master Plan before making any substantial changes to the Specific Development regulations. Although much time had already been spent proposing changes to those regulations, this new approach holds the promise of a more inclusive and transparent process utilizing the existing land use planning committees that will hopefully yield an improved set of county regulations.

This letter reflects my own personal opinion and not any of the organizations on which I serve as a board member and with which I am affiliated. I should also add that I was remiss in my earlier letter to the editor that was published in late May in not stating the same; that it reflected my personal views and not those of any of the organizations with which I am affiliated and serve as a board member.

Ralph D'Alessandro