Crawford mayor faces recall

By Tamie Meck

Efforts to recall Crawford Mayor Wanda Gofforth are under way after a petition was approved on Oct. 27 by Crawford Town Clerk Cally Gallegos. Gofforth was elected as mayor in April, defeating Gill Saunders, 69-68

State statute requires that elected officials cannot be the subject of a recall until they have held office for at least six months. Gofforth was sworn in April 26. Gofforth declined to comment for this article.

The committee to recall includes Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Jessica Hart and Jason Harry. The grounds for recall are that the mayor has wasted taxpayer money; has failed to conduct town and executive session meetings in compliance with Colorado open meeting statutes; and that Gofforth has exceeded her authority regarding her duties as Crawford Mayor.

For an election recall to be triggered, the petitioner must gather signatures from a minimum of 25 percent of the total votes cast in the election.

Recall proponents have 60 days from Oct. 27, when the petition was approved, to gather signatures. Based on the 137 votes cast in April, the petition will require a minimum of 35 signatures.