Creamery is an asset to artists, students

By Penny Heuscher

Dear Editor:

The Creamery Art Gallery in Hotchkiss hosts superb collections of fine art. Currently work from the Delta Fine Arts Guild is being shown at the Creamery and will be on display until the third week of August. I've been a member of the Creamery for over three years and have always been impressed by the quality of the work displayed at the gallery. Monthly receptions for the most current art exhibit feature local, national or international artists and and public is invited. At a recent reception we had the opportunity to meet the interesting and personable Russian artist, Sergei Romanenko, who was visiting the U.S. Another reception that was unforgettable featured local artist, Rosalie Clock, whose painting was amazing perfection but alas not for sale.

The Creamery offers many different classes and is an important venue for art education in Delta County for adults and children. As a volunteer, I know that children are always excited and totally engaged in each art project. Through the Creamery Volunteer Senior Outreach Program, I have presented to seniors many photo programs of my travels.This contact is an enriching experience not only for them but also for me. The Creamery is high on my list of Western Slope places to show to my visitors. You can look at the website, creamery but better yet visit the gallery at 165 W. Bridge Street in Hotchkiss. Much credit should be given to those who have worked so industriously to open, maintain and operate the non-profit Creamery Art Gallery in Hotchkiss. They are currently working to keep the Creamery open.

Penny Heuscher
Delta Fine Arts
Vice President and Photographer