DCAD provides a valuable service

By Marion Eriksen

Dear Editor:

The last time the vote came up to finance the continuation of our Delta ambulance service, I voted for it because I thought it was necessary and would maybe save someone's life. Now I KNOW it's necessary. I just didn't know the life would be mine! (In addition, in recent years, I have seen the ambulance stop at three of my neighbors' houses. And I'm thankful for that.)

Six months ago when the ambulance, called by my daughter-in-law, arrived at my house, the two attendants immediately took action in a most efficient and professional way. Once they had me stabilized, they got me to the hospital and continued until the doctors took over.

I was in no condition to thank them at the time, but, if I remember correctly, one was named Josie and the other name also started with a "J". Maybe this can be my way of thanking them.

There will be other Delta County citizens who will be in the same situation. We must support our ambulance service with the taxes it needs to survive. Let's vote to continue this very valuable service.

Marion Eriksen