DCMH town hall proved to be very informative

By Cynthia Hines

Dear Editor:

On Thursday evening, April 13, more than 60 people attended an informative and cordial town hall meeting with Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) CEO Jason Cleckler. Many thanks to Mr. Cleckler for his articulate and illuminating presentation on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), its impact on health care in Delta county, the current state of DCMH and plans for the primary care clinic in Hotchkiss and the urgent care center in Paonia. The opening of these facilities later this year will be an invaluable addition to our valley.

Thanks also to DCMH directors James Briscoe and Jean Ceriani for their tireless efforts, to Patti Kalahar of DCMH for her invaluable assistance and Lucinda Stanley, treasurer of the DCMH Foundation, for her presentation on the upcoming clinic fundraiser on June 10 at Heritage Hall in Hotchkiss.

Kudos to Jo Edmundson, CEO of Shade-Scapes, for the wonderfully creative and beautiful restoration of her facility at 122 E. Bridge Street in Hotchkiss and for her gracious hospitality in hosting this event. Thanks to her staff members Lori Marek and Dierdre Austin for all of their help. Finally, a great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this event possible and to all who attended. It's gratifying to live in a community where people care about and support their hospital system.

Cynthia Hines Crawford