Debate comes to a head

By George Bacon

Dear Editor:

The debate over health care coverage will likely come to a head in the U.S. Senate this week. As I write this, it's still a close call whether the Senate will vote, as did the House, to throw millions of Americans off the health care coverage that has dramatically improved their lives.

One of the more incisive comments that I've seen on the subject was in the current issue of Time magazine. Kerry Reed, a longtime Republican voter and Tennessee mom who has been covered under the ACA ("Obamacare"), tells her neighbors, "I know you think you're a Republican, but this new care is going to affect you." I would add only the caveat "lack of care." If folks in Delta County care even remotely about having health insurance for your families, whether that comes under Medicaid expansion or under the exchanges, please call Sen. Gardner's offices today at 202-224-5941 and tell him to vote NO on the Senate's health care legislation.

George Bacon