Delighted to see DMEA stepping up

By Nancy Hovde

Dear Editor:

I am ecstatic that DMEA is ready to install fiber optic broadband! This has been a long-held dream of mine while I was on the DMEA board. I was thrilled that while I was president, DMEA took the first major steps to make this a reality, including beginning the installation to the substations and starting the business studies necessary to ensure that we spent our members' money prudently. While we were planning on saving money, some of us on the board saw the potential to help with economic development by offering it to our members. This will be a tremendous asset for existing and new businesses, our medical facilities and our educational system.

I want to thank the current board for buying into the original vision of not only saving money with internal costs, but in making affordable, high speed Internet available to DMEA's member/owners who will reap the profit either through lower electric bills, or the return of capital credits. Thanks are owed to the current board who used information compiled from various studies and were able to keep the project moving forward to help benefit Delta and Montrose economic growth.

I also applaud Region 10 for finding the resources to assist with the middle mile, Delta County Economic Development for never ceasing to promote it, and all the municipalities that voted in favor of bringing it in.

Nancy Hovde