Delta County needs to stop going along to get along

By Barbara Hulet

Dear Editor:

For the past six years I have been directly involved in trying to educate our commissioners in Delta, Montrose and Mesa counties on how federal mandates, by and through an agenda called sustainable development, have dwindled our economies and driven businesses out, including but not limited to, logging, mining, ranching, farming and drilling. Our towns are drying up because the economy that made us prosper has been regulated out of business. It is an oxymoron to call it sustainable development when there is nothing sustainable about it and for this purpose I am writing this letter.

It is time that we put individuals in as commissioners that take a harder stand against the bureaucratic oppression coming out of Washington, D.C., by and through the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the EPA, none, I might add, with any authority to act. Why are we trying to catch these bears with honey? Folks, the honey isn't working, we need something different. For that reason I see Roger Bentley, candidate for Delta County commissioner, as a negotiator not one who will compromise on these issues.

I ask myself, why can't we use the resources that built Montrose, Delta and Mesa counties? The temperature is such now that people have had enough. The miners are leaving; our loggers are gone; our ranchers are hanging on by a thread as more oppression knocks at our doors. I feel Roger Bentley may be the one who can make that difference, at least in Delta County. Going along to get along has to stop.

Barbara Hulet