Delta County Planning Commission to expand

By Press Release

The Delta County Commissioners have directed staff to prepare a resolution which if adopted will expand the county planning commission from seven members to nine. The three commissioner districts would all have equal representation with three members from each district. Planning commission membership is currently allocated according to area planning committees. There are three APCs in Commissioner District 3, one APC in Commissioner District 2, and the county planning commission serves as the APC for Commissioner District 1.

Commissioners also directed staff to go ahead and advertise for people to fill area planning committee vacancies with a caveat that the structure of the planning commission likely will be changing.

In a separate matter, commissioners noted that attendance at the quarterly constituent meetings has been poor with some meetings having zero public attendance. So the sessions have been cancelled. Anyone wanting to meet with all three commissioners together is welcome to attend constituent time scheduled during each of the BoCC's regular bi-monthly business meetings, it was noted.