Delta Housing Authority kicks the tobacco habit

By Press Release

Delta Housing Authority has extended its no-smoking housing policy to all its properties, including multi-unit housing units, single homes and private properties occupied by low-income individuals, families, disabled citizens and seniors. In addition, the Delta Housing Authority significantly strengthened policy language to meet current multi-use housing best practices.

On April 12, a policy celebration was held at Thompson Manor. Jolyne Young, a health educator with the Delta County Health Department, presented a plaque to Ute Jantz, DHA executive director, to applaud the DHA for its progressive leadership and outstanding foresight to implement a smoke-free housing and grounds policy at all properties. The celebration included refreshments, informal engagement activities and, of course, tobacco cessation resources.

Young noted, "This proactive policy work positions the DHA to meet the new rules mandating smoke-free policies in all public housing by July 30, 2018, that was implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development."