Delta's beautification efforts have paid off

By Kerry Mowry

Dear Editor:

As a former resident of Delta, born and raised, I felt compelled to write to express my thanks to the many residents who have dedicated themselves to the beautification of my hometown. I recently visited while attending my class reunion. I am impressed with the murals, the gorgeous floral planters throughout Main Street, and the bypass to encourage big rigs to enjoy an easier route around the older, more narrow Main Street. It looks more like a place I would want to stay as a tourist than it did when I was younger. The only disappointment I have is the line up of old cars lining a lot directly on Main Street. I have nothing against a businessperson trying to show his/her stock; however, the sad shape these vehicles are in do nothing to enhance the image of the city. I would hope the overall esthetics of the town would be important to this resident as well. I would be interested to hear the citizens of Delta voice an opinion as to what they think.

In closing, I mainly wish to congratulate those responsible for the upkeep on all the changes made to help Delta be a prettier place and I believe the message to those traveling through shows in the pride citizens of Delta have taken in the city. Job well done!

Kerry Mowry
Sioux Falls, S.D.