DMS students stage melodrama

By Kaylee Dunham

Delta Middle School students recently performed a melodrama entitled "Dogsbreath Devereaux the Dastardly Doctor or Nurses! Foiled Again!" Directed by Dan Dunham, a DMS theater teacher, the cast of sixth graders made the audience "boo," "yay," and "hiss" at just the right times.

So many students wanted to be in the play, a number of parts were shared. With multiple performances, each student got their chance in the spotlight. In the play, Dr. Dogsbreath Devereaux, played by Alexi Armendariz, plans to marry and kill the wealthy widow Lotta Cash, played by Mariah Rhinehart and Madyson Hannegrefs. By getting rid of Lotta Cash, Dogsbreath Devereaux can inherit a fortune. He enlists the aid of the nasty nurse, Hilda Hatchet, played by Elizabeth Cooper and Kailliope Carmichael, by tricking her into believing that he loved her and would share the riches after they disposed of Lotta Cash. Problems arise when Nurse Hatchet watches Dogsbreath's flirtatious nature show itself around other women, including the new nurse, Wendy March, played by Elenor Dare. Wendy March, the heroine, and Lotta Cash can only be saved from certain death by the hero, by Dr. Phil Good, played by Joel Martinez. All this takes place in a clinic overflowing with odd patients.

The rest of the class included Jasmine Lujan, Madison Avila, Albert Iujano, Ryell Wilding and Alma Gonzalez as patients; Kiara Fresquez and Jenna Reece as Nurse Ivy Dripp; Shawn Wyett and Peter Germann as helpers; Janelle Marushack as Trixi St. James; Alesia Verquer as Sister Sunbeam; Terry Yarbrough as Officer Tommy Gun; and Sierra Timbreza as office nurse.