DMS teacher shares vision for ag station

By Pat Sunderland

Evan Cummings, a science teacher at Delta Middle School, also sees the potential for students to gain hands-on experience in many aspects of science at the Rogers Mesa Research Station.

"In 2005, when our family moved to Delta County, one of the first things I did was contact Dr. Ron Godin at the Rogers Mesa Research Station," Cummings said. "I thought that it would be a wonderful resource for me to take my students to, to learn about so many different aspects of science. Well, Dr. Godin gave me a wonderful tour and then at the very end told me that CSU was closing down the station!"

Then last year he learned CSU was considering alternate uses of the facility in conjunction with local businesses, farmers, schools and county government. He immediately contacted the school district office to indicate his interest in facilitating a connection between students in the school district and the Rogers Mesa facility.

Cummings describes himself as a passionate self-starter who is willing to organize groups from each district school to come out and learn about agriculture and food production, farming practices and equipment, greenhouse use and many aspects of rural life and sustainable practices. "This would all be aligned with standards and teacher friendly," he explained.

Since the school district has already pledged funds to the research station, Cummings said those funds could be used for his stipend, substitutes, buses and necessary equipment making it easy for district teachers to sign up and bring their students out for the program.

If that relationship doesn't materialize, Cummings said he could also work with local farmers and ranchers to accomplish the same goals.