Does no now mean maybe?

By Larry M. Head

Dear Editor:

Has the definition of "NO" now been changed to mean "MAYBE"? Since medical marijuana approval in 2000, there have been numerous attempts by fringe minority groups to enlarge the permissive use of marijuana via different tacks. So far, the general public has said "NO" but the question keeps resurfacing as if on a pendulum. These people are just like spoiled brats, keep whining long and loud enough and maybe out of frustration your "parent" will give in and give you what you ask for.

Citizens of Hotchkiss/Paonia, as well as other areas of the state, are again attempting to place the issue on the 2016 ballot. A disturbing thought is that an elected official, sworn to uphold the desires and well being of the electorate, is attempting to use his office to promote the desires of the losers/whiners.

Larry M. Head