Don Suppes talks county road policy with Orchard City

By Rick Smith

County commissioner Don Suppes was present at the Oct. 11 meeting of the Orchard City town board to answer questions about road work the county is doing in Cedaredge.

Suppes addressed the trustees to waylay concerns about the county's efforts to repair and pave SW 11th Street in Cedaredge. He explained that the street ties in to other county and multi-jurisdiction streets and roads in the area. The asphalt used in the paving of SW 2nd was due to excess and was donated to the Town of Cedaredge. Suppes stated that the commissioners are willing to work with Orchard City on roads and repairs.

In constituent time, Doug Keller requested qualifications of the end of the year proposals, budget and shared interests with the county. Tim Hinz also had questions and supported many of Keller's statements. David Stueck had questions regarding the published salaries of the town employees and if there was a state law requiring strictures on the way these salaries needed to be published. He also asked about information on upcoming public meetings, and suggested that Orchard City works toward having a farmers' market next summer.

The concerns were addressed by Mayor Volgamore, town administrator Melissa Oelke, and trustees, regarding budget, deposits, planning, published announcements of public meetings and the fact that the $106,000 surplus in the water fund was due to having vacancies in staff that have now been filled.

Under new business, Tom Huerkamp moved to approve a letter of endorsement for support of the Delta County Ambulance District's proposed mill levy increase. The motion was seconded and approved by the board.

The preliminary proposed budget for the town is due by Oct. 15.

Committee Reports

The water committee discussed the possibility of the town taking over control of a private water ditch. It is not recommended at this time.

The treatment facility is progressing with repair and maintenance. Future line replacements still need to be addressed.

Road traffic counts show 2100 Road has the highest count in town, with Fruitgrower's second.

Gary Tollefson publicly thanked the road crew for its efforts on road work this year.

Dick Kirkpatrick further explained why the water fund showed a surplus of $106,000 for 2016.

Craig Fuller stated that the park crew was finished for this year and wanted to thank Dave Boyd for an exemplary job.

There will be a public town hall meeting Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. Residents are encouraged to attend.