Don't fall for climate change 'crisis'

By Mike Mason

Dear Editor:

Last week's DCI featured a letter asking you to consider climate change when voting. Before you charter your space ship to leave this dying planet, maybe you should consider all sides. At this distance from the sun (93 million miles) the average temperature above absolute zero, the temperature of cold space is 459 degrees or minus 1 degree F. If not for the "greenhouse" effect the earth would be a cold, dry, dead snowball. But because greenhouse gases, 95 percent being water vapor, warm the earth by an additional 60 degrees F (to 520 F vs. 459 F above absolute zero) we can exist. Carbon dioxide is required for plant life to exist and we require plant life or we can't live.

The gold standard that climate change scientists depend on is the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They calculate that since 1750 to 2007 (fourth assessment) that the CO2, one molecule out of 10,000, man has added could raise the temperature by a little more than half a degree F (0.02% rise), but since global temperature satellites have been in place (38 years) there has been no measurable rise in average earth temperatures despite these theoretical calculations. These results are verified by very precise measurements of the change in the rate of sea level rise (not measurable since precise satellite measurements of sea level have been available at 1/8th inch per year).

So you don't have to leave just yet. But no one considers the positive effects of reversing the natural decline in CO2. Additional CO2 is used by commercial greenhouses (at 10 times the amount we have added since 1750) to double plant growth.

Additionally, non-existent climate change is the primary justification for the war on coal and energy independence doing huge damage to this country both economically and militarily.

The letter in the DCI attempts to create a crisis (as in a crisis is a terrible thing to waste) to panic you. Don't fall for it.

Mike Mason