Don't waste money covering ditch

By Karen Fogg

Dear Editor:

I have just found out that a screwball proposal has been made by Paonia trustee Dave Bradford to cover the park ditch with a sidewalk.

In my opinion this project would be a total misuse of the sidewalk funds especially when there is a sidewalk right-of-way on the south side of the street. That sidewalk, already in place, is continuous from Delta Avenue to Grand Avenue. A sidewalk at the park would begin and end there because several properties on the north side of 4th Street are adjacent to the gutter. Getting right-of-way from these properties would be an arduous and expensive, if not impossible, process.

Children play in the ditch water during the hot summer months. Dogs drink from the ditch during park events like the Mountain Harvest Festival and Cherry Days. Historically the open ditch has been a source of enjoyment for families for at least 100 years and covering it would go against the wishes of many of us who want the ditch to remain as it is -- open.

To cover the ditch is a total waste of money. The money should go toward fixing the sidewalk on the other side of the street from the park; the money definitely should not fund a sidewalk that goes nowhere.

Those who use Paonia Town Park and who think that covering the ditch is a misuse of the sidewalk fund should call the town: 527-4101.

Karen Fogg