Dr. Meilner and his staff are valued

By Mischel Carver

Dear Editor:

I am writing to agree with Jane Poulos' letter on the North Fork Medical Clinic in Paonia. I am a patient of Dr. Meilner, who is one doctor who doesn't discriminate against chronic pain patients. He treats you with respect and he cares deeply for his many patients. I was without a doctor for eight months because I have chronic pain.

There is no doctor in the city of Delta who would take me as a patient. I went to Dr. Meilner and he is great. Sue, his nurse, and his employees are the friendliest people; they treat everyone like they matter. Dr. Meilner and his office are a godsend for many, many people. When the hospital took over management of the North Fork clinic, they got an excellent medical management team in there. They truly don't know what they are losing now since they are pulling out on the deal they made with the clinic. To me, they are running this like a business instead of a doctor and patient establishment. We are not dollar bills, we are people. I urge the hospital to reconsider.

A lot of people depend on the North Fork clinic, its doctor and staff. I pay to have a person drive me from Delta to Paonia to see Dr. Meilner -- that is how much Dr. Meilner and his staff mean to me.

Mischel Carver